March 5, 2021

Nutcracker Ticket Sales/Performances E-mail from Janet

Good morning friends. I wanted to give you an update on ticket sales for “The Nutcracker,” which typically open on October 1. Ticket sales for MMB member families and non-company Nutcracker dancer families will open on October 11. Sales for the general public will open on October 15. Here are some details you need to know:

  • Prior to October 11, you will receive the schedule for performances. We are planning four performances rather than our usual three. 
  • If your dancer is double cast, you will receive the schedule for your dancer’s performance in those roles prior to October 11. 
  • You will receive a presale code that allows you to purchase your tickets between October 11 and October 15. Please do not share this code with others who do not have a dancer in the ballet. 
  • Please limit your ticket purchase during the presale to no more than 4-6 tickets so that we can accommodate all 112 families with a dancer in the ballet. 
  • Please purchase all presale tickets in one block, if possible. Think about your family unit that would sit together without being socially distanced.

Let me show you some math so you understand the request for a limit on how many tickets you purchase initially. Due to COVID-19, ticket sales for each performance are currently limited to 25% of the 800-seat theater at Jackson Academy, which significantly limits our capacity. Over the four performances this year, we will only be able to seat 800 people, equivalent to what we would normally seat at one show. 
We will hold at least 100 seats for sponsor/comp tickets. That leaves approximately 700 tickets to sell. We expect that the number of tickets we can sell will be lowered slightly by the social distancing guidelines that we have to put into place, skipping every other row and placing two seats between parties.
  So, 700 seats/112 families = 6.25 seats per family. Typically we sell out two performances of 800 seats and sell approximately 80% of the theater for the third performance. This year we expect to come close to selling out with family sales alone. If restrictions on theater capacity are loosened, we will open more seats closer to the date of the performances.
For high risk individuals and for those who miss the opportunity to buy a ticket for the theater, we plan to live stream at least two of the performances. Tickets for the live stream will go on sale at a later date. 
Live streams are expensive!
At this point our donations are about $10,000 short of where we need them to be to live stream. (That is approximately $90 per Nutcracker family.) As we are unable to host tea parties, our silent auction and concessions, guild fundraising activities are limited compared to usual. So, if you know of a business or an individual that may be willing to donate–any amount is welcome–please let me know, and let’s share the attached brochure with them. Individuals may also be directed to the donations page on MMB’s website where they may donate using a credit or debit card.
One benefit of donations of $250 or more is that the sponsor receives reserved tickets. However, we need to have those sponsorships confirmed as soon as possible to reserve the appropriate number of tickets for the donors and to ensure advertising placement for them.
Thank you for reading all of this information. I hope it helps you understand some of the obstacles we face financially and logistically this year. Please let me know if you have questions.
More than anything, I want our dancers to be on stage, performing, and I want high-risk Grandma to be able to watch safely from the comfort of her home. So, let’s mask up, raise a little more money, and do this!!

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