December 3, 2020

Nutcracker Parts with Cast A and Cast B

Chinese Cast A

Sanders, Allie, Candy, Angela, Brenna, Drew

Chinese Cast B

Linnie, Allie, Candy, Joley, Mary Emerson, Drew

Rosebud Cast A

Hazie, Emma, Claire, Kylah, Angela, Sanders, Anne, Brenna

Rosebud Cast B

Linnie, Joley, Mary Emerson, Izzy, Shelby, Anne, Hazie, Claire

Gumdrops Cast A

Lydia Grace, Elizabeth, Sawyer, Mamie, Lexie Rose, Lucy

Gumdrops Cast B

Emily, Olivia, Sadie, Shea, Karlin, Harper

Angels Cast A

McKenzie, Kate, Addison, Daniella, Rivers, Liza, Jane, Addie

Angels Cast B

Ella, Maddyn, Lyla, Kinsley, Josie, Molly Kate, Parker, Cadria

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