Saturday Photo Requirements

Submitted by mmbguild on Tue, 08/17/2021 - 17:51

Hi. Hope everyone is getting ready to get this season started. Please review below regarding correct attire, hair and make up for our photo shoot on Saturday. 

Sancers need to wear heavy street make up for pictures on Saturday.  Hair should be in a slick ballet bun on the crown of the head.  High but not on top of their head.  Please remember that a ballet bun is a flat bun and it is secured with a hair net.   Dancers need to wear the leotards below.  Dancers need to remove all finger nail polish unless it is a nude/natural color.  Please be sure that the dancers do not have any holes in their tights.  If you have any questions please email Jennifer directly;


Leotard for Pictures:


  • Apprentices– Leotard-BWP 024 color-lilac, Tights-Body Wrappers A45 or C45, Pink ballet shoes (same as they wear for MMDA class)

Junior 2- Bloch #8820-Black with MMB monogram (Monday), Tights-Body Wrappers A45 or C45 BAT (color-ballet pink), pink canvas ballet shoes.  


Senior Alternates/Seniors & Soloists- Bloch L8820 Black with MMB monogram.  

Tights-Body Wrapper A45 or C45 BAT (ballet pink.), pink canvas ballet shoes, pink pointe shoes (if on pointe.)

Senior, Soloist, Principals-Please also bring grey leotard and skirt.

Soloists and Principals-Please also bring red leotard from last year


Let me know if you have further questions.