Company Photos will be August 21--See below for times

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MMB Company photos will be taken by Leah Kackley of Sanomo Photo on August 21 at the Madison studio after the company meeting. The schedule is below. Each level of dancers will have a group photo made. There will also be the opportunity for you to have an individual headshot and/or a photo in arabesque taken of your dancer.


Group photos are used in publicity throughout the year and in programs for performances and Regional Dance America/Southeast Festival. Headshots are used in the MMB slideshow, in social media posts and for auditions and scholarships. Photos in arabesque are typically used for auditions for summer programs and scholarships. Headshots and photos in arabesque are optional.


The MMB slideshow highlights each dancer individually and is shown in the lobby during The Nutcracker. Your dancer will submit a headshot taken by Leah or a school photo for the slideshow.


Prices are as follows:

Headshot only: $25

Arabesque only: $50

Both: $75

Because Leah will already be set up for group photos, these prices are half off. So that Leah can plan appropriately, please indicate which individual photos, if any, you will have taken for your dancer at the link below.


MMB Individual Photos 2021


Schedule for Group Photos, August 21:

Apprentices: 12:30-12:50

Junior 1s: 1:00-1:20

Junior 2s: 1:30-1:50

Seniors, Senior Alternates, Soloists and Principals:2:00-2:30

Soloists and Principals only: 2:30-3:30

Individual Arabesques and Headshots: 3:30


If you have questions or concerns, please email or text Janet Shearer at or 601-259-3829.


Thank you.